Molecular Aspects of Alcohol and Nutrition. A Volume in the Molecular Nutrition Series

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Molecular Aspects of Alcohol and Nutrition is a valuable resource for nutrition researchers and nutritionists who study or treat alcohol-related diseases. Experts from across the field of alcohol research explain how alcohol disrupts normal fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolic processes occurring in the liver as well as other parts of the body.

The book discusses how this can lead to alcoholic liver disease (ALD) as well as contribute to the onset of Type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. It also explores how alcohol affects nutrient absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and can lead to anemia and reduced amounts of fat soluble vitamins.

This book explores both the primary and secondary consequences of alcohol consumption. Chapters in the first section investigate the basic science of alcohol metabolism – focusing on how alcohol and its toxic metabolites disrupt and impair normal nutrient regulation at the molecular level. Further chapters explore how alcohol affects many extra-hepatic organs and tissues as well as the secondary consequences of alcohol consumption such as reduced levels of minerals like magnesium, calcium, and trace elements like zinc.
Offers a valuable resource for nutrition researchers and nutritionists who study alcohol-related diseases and attempt to treat them through nutritional strategiesExplores how alcohol and its toxic metabolite acetaldehyde disrupt and impair normal macro and micro nutrient regulation at the molecular level Investigates how alcohol affects and interferes with cell signaling, cell death pathways, calcium homeostasis leading to osteoporosis, oxygen balance, as well as the pathophysiology of alcohol consumption and abuse

Table of contents :
Front matter,Copyright,List of Contributors,Series Preface,PrefaceEntitled to full textSection I: General and introductory aspectsChapter 1 - Nutrients and Liver Metabolism, Pages 3-15, Daniel Gyamfi, Kwabena Owusu Danquah
Chapter 2 - Alcohol Metabolism: General Aspects, Pages 17-21, Reem Ghazali, Vinood B. Patel
Chapter 3 - Alcohol and Aldehyde Dehydrogenases: Molecular Aspects, Pages 25-43, Kwabena Owusu Danquah, Daniel Gyamfi
Chapter 4 - Alcohol Intake and Apoptosis: A Review and Examination of Molecular Mechanisms in the Central Nervous System, Pages 45-61, Maria Camargo Moreno, Cherry Ignacio, Patrick Burke, Frank A. Middleton
Chapter 5 - Pathogenic Mechanisms in Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD): Emerging Role of Osteopontin, Pages 63-70, Jason D. Coombes, Wing-Kin Syn
Chapter 6 - The Role of CD36 in the Pathogenesis of Alcohol-Related Disease, Pages 71-84, Caleb T. Epps, Robin D. Clugston, Amit Saha, William S. Blaner, Li-Shin Huang
Chapter 7 - Thiamine Deficiency and Alcoholism Psychopathology, Pages 85-94, Ann M. Manzardo
Chapter 8 - Vitamin B Regulation of Alcoholic Liver Disease, Pages 95-106, Charles H. Halsted, Valentina Medici
Chapter 9 - Interactions Vitamin D – Bone Changes in Alcoholics, Pages 107-118, Emilio González-Reimers, Francisco Santolaria-Fernández, Geraldine Quintero-Platt, Antonio Martínez-Riera
Chapter 10 - Antioxidant Treatment and Alcoholism, Pages 119-131, Camila S. Silva, Guilherme V. Portari, Helio Vannucchi
Chapter 11 - Selenium Dietary Supplementation and Oxidative Balance in Alcoholism, Pages 133-142, Olimpia Carreras, María Luisa Ojeda, Fátima Nogales
Chapter 12 - Role of Zinc in Alcoholic Liver Disease, Pages 143-156, Wei Zhong, Qian Sun, Zhanxiang Zhou
Chapter 13 - Interactions Between Alcohol and Folate, Pages 157-169, Bogdan Cylwik, Lech Chrostek
Chapter 14 - Effects of Acetaldehyde on Intestinal Barrier Function, Pages 171-186, Elhaseen E. Elamin, Ad A. Masclee, Daisy M. Jonkers
Chapter 15 - Cholesterol Regulation by Leptin in Alcoholic Liver Disease, Pages 187-200, Balasubramaniyan Vairappan
Chapter 16 - The Corticotropin Releasing Factor System and Alcohol Consumption, Pages 201-212, Andrey E. Ryabinin, William J. Giardino
Chapter 17 - Metabolic Profiling Approaches for Biomarkers of Ethanol Intake, Pages 213-222, Helen G. Gika, Ian D. Wilson
Chapter 18 - Gene Expression in Alcoholism: An Overview, Pages 225-229, Reem Ghazali, Vinood B. Patel
Chapter 19 - Cytochrome P4502E1 Gene Polymorphisms and the Risks of Ethanol-Induced Health Problems in Alcoholics, Pages 231-245, Tao Zeng, Ke-Qin Xie
Chapter 20 - Genes Associated with Alcohol Withdrawal, Pages 247-259, Kesheng Wang, Liang Wang
Chapter 21 - Alcohol and Epigenetic Modulations, Pages 261-273, Claudio D’Addario, Mauro Maccarrone
Chapter 22 - The miRNA and Extracellular Vesicles in Alcoholic Liver Disease, Pages 275-286, Fatemeh Momen-Heravi, Shashi Bala
Chapter 23 - Alcohol Metabolism and Epigenetic Methylation and Acetylation, Pages 287-303, Marisol Resendiz, Sherry Chiao-Ling Lo, Jill K. Badin, Ya-Jen Chiu, Feng C. Zhou
Chapter 24 - Molecular Mechanisms of Alcohol-Associated Carcinogenesis, Pages 305-314, Helmut K. Seitz, Sebastian Mueller
Chapter 25 - Molecular Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer: the Role of Salsolinol, Pages 315-324, Mariko Murata, Kaoru Midorikawa, Shosuke Kawanishi
Chapter 26 - Ethanol Impairs Phospholipase D Signaling in Astrocytes, Pages 325-335, Ute Burkhardt, Jochen Klein
Chapter 27 - Metabolic Changes in Alcohol Gonadotoxicity, Pages 337-354, Ganna M. Shayakhmetova, Larysa B. Bondarenko
Chapter 28 - Molecular Effects of Alcohol on Iron Metabolism, Pages 355-368, Kosha Mehta, Sebastien Farnaud, Vinood B. Patel
Index, Pages 369-376

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