Right Heart Pathology

  • ناشر: Springer International Publishing
  • نویسنده: Silviu Ionel Dumitrescu, Ion C. Ţintoiu, Malcolm John Underwood
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  • نوبت چاپ: 2018
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This book reviews the management of right heart diseases, incorporating etiology, physiopathology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The frequency of this pathology has increased in recent years, while techniques for its treatment have evolved. This book therefore represents a complete, detailed and updated presentation of this pathology, reviewing the expanded treatment options while considering the management of patients in detail.

Right Heart Pathology: From Mechanism to Management provides a comprehensive insight into right heart pathology, current diagnostic methods, treatments and postsurgical management. Written by experienced cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons who have addressed significant issues in this topic area, it represents the essential reference in this specialty.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Heart Embryology: Overview (Florentina Radu-Ioniţă, Ecaterina Bontaş, Viorel Goleanu, Bogdan Cîrciumaru, Daniela Bartoş, Irinel Parepa et al.)....Pages 3-24
Right Heart Anatomy: A Short Uptodate (Mircea Ifrim, Ecaterina Bontaş, Daniel Cochior, Ion C. Ţintoiu)....Pages 25-56
Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Right Heart (Bogdan Amuzescu, Horia Maniu)....Pages 57-89
Basic Aspects of Cardiac Remodelling (Ecaterina Bontaş, Florentina Radu-Ioniţă, Alice Munteanu, Iancu Mocanu)....Pages 91-144
Right Ventricular Normal Function (Ana Maria Balahura, Daniela Bartoş, Elisabeta Bădilă)....Pages 145-155
Effect of Endurance Sport on the Right Heart (Antonis S. Manolis, Antonis A. Manolis)....Pages 157-165
Systolic and Diastolic Right Ventricular Dysfunction (Diana Morvey, Shashank Gupta, Anjali Chandra, Ernst R. von Schwarz)....Pages 167-178
Hypertrophy and Dilatation, Markers of Dysfunction (Ecaterina Bontaş, Florentina Radu-Ioniţă, Liviu Stan)....Pages 179-201
Physiopathology of Right Heart Failure (Cătălina Arsenescu-Georgescu, Carmen Elena Pleşoianu, Delia Şălaru)....Pages 203-214
Acute Right Heart Failure (Camille Abigael P. Alcantara, Anjali Chandra, Diana Morvey, Ernst R. von Schwarz)....Pages 215-225
Chronic Right Heart Failure (Kaan Kırali, Özge Altaş Yerlikhan, Davut Çekmecelioglu)....Pages 227-244
Systemic Consequences of Right Ventricular Failure (Vlad Damian Vintilă, Ana-Maria Vintilă)....Pages 245-256
Essential in Genetic Etiology of Congenital Heart Diseases (Mariana Jinga, Silviu Dumitrescu, Liviu Stan, Ecaterina Bontaş, Tudor Păduraru, Ion C. Ţintoiu et al.)....Pages 257-271
Congenital Heart Disease and Right Heart (Silvia Iancovici, Maria Dorobanţu)....Pages 273-283
Primary and Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension (Carmen Ginghină, Roxana Enache)....Pages 285-314
Tricuspid Valve Pathology (Shahzad G. Raja)....Pages 315-329
Right Heart in Cardiac Pacing (Antonis S. Manolis, Antonis A. Manolis, Theodora A. Manolis)....Pages 331-345
Importance of Right Ventricular and Left Ventricular Lead Placement in Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (Radu Ciudin, Leonard Alexandru Mandes)....Pages 347-361
Right Heart in Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Anjali Chandra, Sami Merie, Diana Morvey, Yasemin Saylan, Ernst R. von Schwarz)....Pages 363-369
Left Heart Pathology and Right Ventricle Function (Sebastian Onciul, Maria Dorobanţu)....Pages 371-380
Myocardial Infarction of the Right Ventricle (Antonis S. Manolis, Antonis A. Manolis, Theodora A. Manolis)....Pages 381-389
Pulmonary Disease and Right Ventricular Function (Emma Weiss, Elisabeta Bădilă)....Pages 391-415
Arrhythmias in Right Heart Disease (Stefan Bogdan, Radu Vătăşescu, Maria Dorobanţu)....Pages 417-428
Pulmonary Thromboembolism (Letícia Oliveira, Edmo Atique Gabriel)....Pages 429-434
Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (Lucian Florin Dorobanţu)....Pages 435-439
Right Ventricular Function in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases (Ioan Tiberiu Nanea, Gabriela Silvia Gheorghe)....Pages 441-453
Right Heart Involvement in Haematologic Disorders (Ana-Maria Vintilă, Mihaela Horumbă, Vlad Damian Vintilă)....Pages 455-473
Right Heart Involvement in Hepatic Diseases (Ana-Maria Vintilă, Monica Dobrovie, Vlad Damian Vintilă)....Pages 475-488
Primary Cardiac Tumors (Ji-Gang Wang)....Pages 489-514
Front Matter ....Pages 515-515
Clinical Signs and Electrocardiography (Elisabeta Bădilă)....Pages 517-540
Chest X-ray in Right Heart Disease (Zhonghua Sun, Dongting Liu, Zhanming Fan)....Pages 541-559
Echocardiography of Right Heart (Julia Grapsa)....Pages 561-571
Transthoracic Echocardiography: Improved Practice by Real-Time 3D Acquisition and Automation (Kuan-Chih Huang, Jiunn-Lee Lin, Lung-Chun Lin)....Pages 573-586
Transoesophageal Echocardiography (Magdalena Gurzun, Silviu I. Dumitrescu)....Pages 587-599
Computed Tomography (Harold Goerne, Prabhakar Rajiah)....Pages 601-612
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Prabhakar Rajiah)....Pages 613-624
Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography (Larisa Pinte, Florina Pinte, Ana Maria Cristian, Iancu Mocanu, Vasile Murgu, Liviu Stan)....Pages 625-640
3D Printing As a New Technique in Management of Right Heart Pathology (Zhonghua Sun)....Pages 641-653
Front Matter ....Pages 655-655
Inhaled Vasodilators in Right Heart Failure (Mahsa Elmi-Sarabi, André Denault)....Pages 657-677
Importance of Extra-Cardiac Manifestations of Right Heart Failure Using Bedside Ultrasound (William Beaubien-Souligny, Nadia Bouabdallaoui, André Denault)....Pages 679-696
Interventional Procedures (Larisa Pinte, Florina Pinte, Daniel Niţa, Iancu Mocanu, Vasile Murgu)....Pages 697-724
Open Surgery for Pulmonary Thromboembolism (Ionel Droc)....Pages 725-732
Surgical Management of Functional Tricuspid Regurgitation (Peter Sze Yuen Yu, Malcolm John Underwood)....Pages 733-742
Surgical Strategy in Tricuspid Valve Endocarditis (Horatiu Moldovan, Adrian Molnar, Victor Costache, Ecaterina Bontaş)....Pages 743-753
Heart, Lung, and Heart–Lung Transplant (Kaan Kırali)....Pages 755-787
Mechanical Circulatory Support for Right Ventricular Failure: RVADs (Kaan Kırali, Sabit Sarıkaya, Mehmet Aksüt)....Pages 789-806
POST-LVAD Right Ventricular Failure (Kaan Kırali, Tanıl Özer, Emre Selçuk)....Pages 807-835
Pacemaker and ICD Implant Insertion Techniques: Venous Approach and Complications (Radu Ciudin)....Pages 837-846
Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Cardiac Surgery (Ovidiu Lazăr)....Pages 847-867
Right Heart Dysfunction in Liver Transplantation (Gabriela Droc, Ecaterina Scărlătescu)....Pages 869-879
The Impact of Pneumonectomy on the Right Ventricular Function (Claudiu Nistor, Adrian Ciuche, Dragoş Săvoiu, Olivia Batog, Ecaterina Bontaş)....Pages 881-899
Future Directions (Liviu Chiriac, Razvan Roşulescu)....Pages 901-906
Back Matter ....Pages 907-935

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