Physiology and Genetics: Selected Basic and Applied Aspects

  • ناشر: Springer International Publishing
  • نویسنده: Timm Anke, Anja Schüffler, (eds.)
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  • نوبت چاپ: 2018
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In the last few decades, DNA-based tools for the investigation of fungal taxonomy, signal transduction and regulation, differentiation processes and biosynthetic potential have accelerated advances in our understanding of the Mycota. This completely updated and revised second edition presents a selection of exciting issues involving basic and applied aspects of fungal physiology and genetics. In 14 chapters, respected experts provide an overview of traditional, topical and future aspects of basic fungal principles and potential applications in biotechnology. The contributions will bring scientists up-to-date on the latest developments, and help students familiarize themselves with the different topics.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xviii
Fruiting-Body Development in Ascomycetes (S. Pöggeler, M. Nowrousian, I. Teichert, A. Beier, U. Kück)....Pages 1-56
Fungal Inteins: Distribution, Evolution, and Applications (Skander Elleuche, Stefanie Pöggeler)....Pages 57-85
Yeast Killer Toxins: Fundamentals and Applications (Raffael Schaffrath, Friedhelm Meinhardt, Roland Klassen)....Pages 87-118
The Fungal MCC/Eisosome Complex: An Unfolding Story (Krisztina Kolláth-Leiß, Frank Kempken)....Pages 119-130
The Genus Periglandula and Its Symbiotum with Morning Glory Plants (Convolvulaceae) (E. Leistner, U. Steiner)....Pages 131-147
Volatiles in Communication of Agaricomycetes (Ursula Kües, Weeradej Khonsuntia, Shanta Subba, Bastian Dörnte)....Pages 149-212
Endophytic Fungi, Occurrence, and Metabolites (Mysore V. Tejesvi, Anna Maria Pirttilä)....Pages 213-230
Secondary Metabolites of Basidiomycetes (Anja Schüffler)....Pages 231-275
Identification of Fungicide Targets in Pathogenic Fungi (Andrew J. Foster)....Pages 277-296
Helminth Electron Transport Inhibitors Produced by Fungi (Mihoko Mori, Kenichi Nonaka, Rokuro Masuma, Satoshi Ōmura, Kazuro Shiomi)....Pages 297-329
Cyclic Peptides and Depsipeptides from Fungi (Heidrun Anke, Hartmut Laatsch)....Pages 331-365
Polyketide Synthase–Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase Hybrid Enzymes of Fungi (Shinji Kishimoto, Yuichiro Hirayama, Kenji Watanabe)....Pages 367-383
Biosynthesis of Fungal Polyketides (Russell J. Cox, Elizabeth Skellam, Katherine Williams)....Pages 385-412
Aspects of the Occurrence, Genetics, and Regulation of Biosynthesis of the Three Food Relevant Penicillium Mycotoxins: Ochratoxin A, Citrinin, and Patulin (Rolf Geisen, Markus Schmidt-Heydt, Dominic Stoll, Najim Touhami)....Pages 413-433
Back Matter ....Pages 435-464

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